Build A Coaching Website On WordPress

The Way Of Build A Coaching Website On WordPress

A life coach has their own website, where they can illustrate their skills, performances and work experience. If anyone wants to hire any life coach to build their website, they must follow every life coach and judge their perfection.

Suppose, You are going to hire a life coach. You follow them and particularly get someone. They gave such a smooth speech and you blew up with it. You get back home by getting their website, open it and you get this not much perfect. You must be disappointed. Absolutely you won’t hire that coach. So, a website is the most important part of choosing a perfect coach.

Let’s say you are a life coach and waiting to get hired by someone. So, for this, you need to make a perfect website to impress the hirer. If you can’t build a good website then how can anyone trust you? Luckily, there is such a great platform called “WordPress” to build a perfect and professional website for you.

Why Create a Coaching Website on WordPress?

Before 2019, most life coaches used to complete their work by getting in touch with the client personally. But in the pandemic situation, the ways are starting to reverse. In 2019-20, about 45% of life coaches started offering their clients their own website. Most of the coaches think that this pandemic situation may last at least a year.

The reason why all recommend using WordPress is, it has the foundation of a website as desired. It has such easy and acceptable ways of building a website and managing it. 

If you need an easy and smooth way to control your websites like a blog post, newsletter subscription, communication performance or page design then WordPress is so helpful. 

If you install WordPress, you can modify your website at any time, can add any section as you wish and even you can be a good controller for your website. So, what you need to do first is to think of WordPress as your foundation.

  • Want to build any type of website? You can use WordPress for it.
  • Want to make a Quiz Page? You can do it in WordPress.
  • Need to post a Blog? You also can do it in WordPress.

So, You need to install WordPress for a Better Experience.

Way to Install WordPress on Your Website

If you are new to building a website, we recommend the one-click installation of WordPress from the official WordPress website. We are here to make it easier for you. 

After installing WordPress, open it. You will see some instructions.

  • Now first click on Customer Portal
  • Then Create a Website.
  • It will open a page named Built Your Site With WordPress
  • Lastly, Click Get Started.

It’s already done, but there is one thing left to do, though this website has done all the necessary things for a website, you just need to copy all information down for reference. After that click on Go To WordPress and now you can control your coaching website officially.

Necessary Things To Add On Your Coaching Website

Your website’s template will decorate out with Add-On and Plugins imaginable. You have to add domain hosting for your website and it is going to be fun. Now think, you have your domain name for your website card, if anyone wants to visit it, what should be there for showing them? Yes, It needs some most common things to show.

A Home Page:

As you are a coach, you must be careful to create a homepage for your website. Homepage Should contain a glorious look and be so trustable to all visitors. It must be able to capture the attention which will make the decision more critical for your website to choose by one.  

If you are confused about your homepage what how it looks like, then you should knowledge two most important things for it:

  • Trustworthiness: If Your Website’s homepage will have all the true information and documents, then it must include the resources. For Example, any news, pictures etc, should list several resources of that information. 
  • Point Of View:  You must have some points that can capture someone’s mind. It must illustrate your thoughts and imagination’s power. That will make your homepage more attractive to all. 

A homepage will describe all about the life coach and the relationship between clients.

A coaching services page:

If someone catches up to you, they will think about how to work together. So you have to be polite to your clients and show your working ways on the service page. You shouldn’t say “ I will do that, contact me”. It won’t impress your clients. So let’s be real and impressive. 

So let’s see what should be on your services page:

  • A proper list of your potential clients
  • List of your to-do or services
  • List of your working way

A contact page

In this section, you will spread the entire function to take any action for tasks easily by your potential clients.

This contact page needs to be much simpler and attractive with only one button for clients. And then there should be a basic contact form with names, emails and messages from the clients. 

If you are interested in adding some other services then you can add some other features. You can customize your WordPress with a drop-down page. In this way, you can ignore vague messages from prospective customers who are confused.

Recommended WordPress Plugins and Themes for Coaching Websites

Ok, we make you wait for too long. Now let’s talk about the themes and plugins for your coaching website on WordPress. 

WordPress themes for coaches

  • Astra:  Astra can modify your homepage by popping up some glorious menus and features.
  • Divi: Divi can be the perfect way for you to hand over the website to your clients and control the whole website.
  • Authority Pro: Authority Pro can highlight your knowledge and your experiences on your website.

WordPress plugins for coaches

  • NinjaForms: Ninja Forms can be easy to use for clients, and it comes from drag and drop builders.
  • Memberpress: It is the way to control the increasable client’s list. MembersPress can be the next step for the controller of your centered tech.
  • PushEngage: PushEngage can make you able to control your Buzz Generator by yourself.

If you are not able to do things on WordPress, hire me.

Pick your perfect web hosting plan purchased at HostGator

Coaching clients can be related to authority and credibility. 

Nowadays websites are the modern vision of business cards. You can make it your future or you can get hope from this. 

To choose the former easily, you should use WordPress. It is so reliable when you relate it with HostGator’s Hosting Packages. This will make the Website a WordPress bridge. 

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