WordPress Website Maintenance Made Easy!

If you’d like to hire an expert who will look after your WordPress website, you can also use my maintenance and support services to take care of your WordPress website, and it might not be as expensive as you think.


Time management can be the solution key of any running online business where may have much performance to complete and that’s can be easily felt that there is lack of the hour in a day.

If it is a running website in WordPress and you are trying to keep it up to date with all new releases of WordPress and plugins, your website will be running smoothly.

But if you are not able to keep it up to date then you must hire a WordPress expert for website maintenance. So you can hire me as a WordPress expert.

I’ll get on a call with you every month, and discuss any website-related issues with you. If there are any concerns or generic feedback, you can just say hey. You’ll get 24/7 support to consult you on any functionality needed on your website.

Stress Free Updates

You may know that we achieve all pressures that come with every single latest update. You are not bound to read all plugin updates just to know that it’s a horrible tested update.

I can guarantee you that the plans of our WordPress website maintenance can ride you for any plugins, themes, or any types of update problems. Moreover, if any problems. We can move back to the latest stable version for you or can make your an effort for premium support

Security Scans

Regularly run a security scan on your WordPress site and detect hidden malware such Enable you to fix your website’s security flaws instantly.

✔ Detect search engine blacklist status
✔ Never slow down your website while it monitors and scans
✔ Check The version of WordPress installed
✔ Detect and block hack attempts
✔ Check for a pending plugin or version updates on your site
✔ Check What plugins & themes are installed.
✔ Check Username enumeration
✔ Check Users with weak passwords via password brute-forcing
✔ Check Backed up and publicly accessible wp-config.php files
✔ Check Database dumps that may be publicly accessible
✔ Check If error logs are exposed by plugins
✔ Check Media file enumeration


Timely Backups

I will always explain the importance of backups if you don’t even need to know. WordPress website back is so important as you just back up your contacts and pictures. For that, you won’t be worried about losing anything.

I offer the plans of WordPress Website maintenance, you can hand over the backups to me. I can maintain and add some easiest access for your recent copy data.

What My clients say about my services

Say Hi To Muhinz!
Say Hi To Muhinz!
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Say Hi To Muhinz!
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Say Hi To Muhinz!
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